Critical Thinking Is a Key

Regardless of the tests that you are planning to take, I believe that one guaranteed way to improve your performance is to improve your critical thinking skills. Critical thinking skills are something that we feel that we know how to use, but not fully grasp of it in reality. About two years ago, I had a recommendation given to me about critical thinking skills.

This is the book that was recommended. Actually, the book that I recommended was the older edition, so this is actually the improved edition. It looks like there’s a newer edition than this one (2011 edition), but I think you can go with this one – a little cheaper.

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What’s special about this book? It teaches you how to be critical by asking questions. This is a key to stay attentive and gain points in standardized tests. Whether it’s Logical Reasoning in LSAT or Verbal Reasoning in MCAT, you – the student – need to be able to pick up subtle details, and one very good way to do this is by asking questions. What is the author thinking? Where is he/she going with this paragraph? Why did he/she bring this point up? These are all critical thinking questions.

Reviews for this book indicated that reading this book prepares and equips you with basic tools to ask a good critical thinking question. By understanding the meaning behind critical thinking questions, you can grasp the true message of the authors easily. Another excellent review from didactic point is that it’s a step-by-step – it doesn’t lecture you why asking critical questions is awesome; no, it teaches you HOW to do this, and I think that’s something even most popular prep books choose not to do.

If your scores haven’t been improving as much as you would like, you may want to check to see if your critical thinking skills can be improved. It may be that you are not just asking the right questions – because if you are reading this, I know you are a hard-working student.

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