Excellent Law Schools in Florida

Florida is a great place to live. Law schools are tough but rewarding years of one’s lifetime. That’s why I ask you to consider law schools in Florida. Unless you are against hot weather or really don’t want to be near hurricanes, then you should at least consider to apply a law school or two.

Choice 1: University of Florida (Levin)
This school is a phenomenal option to Florida residents due to its low tuition (~80% are considered to be in-staters). You have to score pretty well in LSAT to be considered here (at least in 160′s), but that’s not surprising because this is an excellent law school. The graduates from this law school are mostly employed in law firms, but some work for government, public sectors, and various other options. Its aids aren’t great, but then, it is pretty reasonable cost for law school, so don’t complain too much. Now, a setback? It’s really another university set in college campus. If you can’t handle that, maybe this isn’t for you.


Image credited to Random McRandomhead. This is a photo of Gainesville and UF.

Choice 2: Florida State University
Located in Tallahassee, this is another similar option to University of Florida. Ranking-wise, it’s not as high as Choice #1, but this may be due to the simple fact that Florida State University is more popular option. Why? Because its social life is far better – great restaurants, bars, and other parts of social life. Many stats are similar, so really, it’s a personal preference on this one as well.

Florida State University

Image credited to StuSeeger.

Choice 3: University of Miami
Now, this option’s different. Location’s different (it’s Miami!), and well, it’s private school. So, you know what means – that’s right, it’s going to cost far more money to attend here. A good news is that it’s not as selective, but it’s still a good investment if you want to practice in Florida. I want to recommend this school to those who really wish to enjoy Florida to max while living with tort law and other legal cases. It’s probably as glorified as it can get with law school near beach.

Walkway at the University of Miami

Image credited to thisreidwrites.

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