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Good Students, Low Test Scores = Accepted?

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I get this so much from students, parents, family members, online message boards, and so on. You name it, and I probably heard of the type of people asking this question.

an unwitting victim...bwahahhahahaa

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It happens every year and to a lot of fantastic students who will go onto become a great teacher, lawyer, doctor, engineer, etc… Everything is perfect in the paper BUT the test score. What happened here? Well, Rodney isn’t a good test taker. Or, Cindy just happened to have a “bad test day.”

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Not being sarcastic here, but from admission’s perspective, that doesn’t matter. Why? Because there will be other applicants – who will be equally as good – and did not have a “bad test day.”

We can all believe that being a good student and receiving fantastic scores will lead them to be admitted. But, such is not the case. Take a high school student who took IB classes and volunteered at prestigious and respectful places. Maybe, if his situation was very difficult or unique, Harvard would take him – if his SAT score wasn’t below 2000.

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But, let’s say it was. Do you think Hopkins would accept him? Stanford? What about Swarthmore? Perhaps, but only if there is a reason (Swarthmore is a very good college as well, so I could’ve easily switched Stanford or Swarthmore…just trying some alliteration here). It’s hard though for you to expect admissions to care as much.

The bottom line is this: it’s tough life, kid, and no one will show mercy in the game of admissions. So, we can all sob…or we can go out there and study like there’s no tomorrow. It’ll all pay off. Eventually.

What do you think?

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