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How Important Is Your LSAT Score?

There seems to be a mixed, heated argument about the importance of your LSAT score for your law school admission, but there is only one truth: it means everything.

Tracking my LSAT Progress

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True, there are other factors like your GPA, your connections (i.e. if you have a friend in admissions or alumni boards of that school, it’ll help), your activities, and whatnot, but they are what can reject you if they are BAD.

To determine if you will get IN, you will need to have high LSAT score.

If you are ambitious, aim for 160+. 150′s isn’t bad, but if you study hard, there is really a no reason as to why you shouldn’t score well.

One law school admission website gave a quote of 60/40 – that is, 60% of admission is based on LSAT, and 40% is based on other stuffs, like GPA. Doesn’t think it’s fair? Are you one of those people “who can’t take standardized tests well”?

Let me ask you a better question. Do you really think that admissions will bother to care about students who did not do well in standardized tests? As in, do you expect them to sit in a round table with your applications (and tons of other students’ applications) and say, “Well, Joe has great stats, but 145 on LSAT. I think we should accept him anyways.”

No way Jose.

The Official LSAT SuperPrep

I wish I was at least kidding, or making it up. Because I’m sure if you are reading this as you are dreading LSAT, you will probably want someone to say, “Kelly, it’ll be fine. It’s just a test.”

Well, sorry Kelly, it’s not. It means a lot more, and you need to really buckle down if you want to get into law school. LSAT is not for weak-hearts.

But becoming a lawyer isn’t, anyways.

Master the LSAT (Prep Course Series)

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