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Investing in an iPad

In case you are not aware of, many professional schools are now relying on iPads to deliver textbooks. This is because with exception of certain graduate schools, you are not going to be needing to type papers for your classes, but rather prepare for exams and thesis (which, I actually recommend desktop over laptop). Already, many medical schools are allowing students to download textbooks on their iPads. This permits students to not have to carry huge textbooks and just take care of their iPads.

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It’s extremely critical to realize that there is no need to wait until graduate/professional school to get an iPad. And I’m speaking this with full truth – you can definitely use iPads to utilize many of apps, transfer ebooks or use Kindle books, and overall prepare for MCAT/LSAT/GRE/whatever on your iPad. This is especially great if you are enrolled in prep course because then you can listen to your courses on your bed after you studied them.

I’m sure many of you reading this have smartphones. That’s great, but smartphones are still built to be phones and then take care of additional things. iPad isn’t like that – it’s a tablet, and mostly built for replacing some of tasks that laptop does.

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The way you will use it is really up to you. I’m simply saying to do well on an exam, you should be willing to make appropriate investments, and iPad is just another investment. There ARE limitations to your phones, and laptop – no matter how small and slim they become – will be limited in their portability. And yes, there are other tablets too, but the one I’ve read frequently in the news and .edu websites have been iPad.

Is there anything negative about investing an iPad?

With any purchase, it’s bound to have that. That’s why if you DO decide to purchase one, you should only use it for study period – at least until you take the exam – so that it will not become just another “toy.” Don’t turn it into a Netflix machine. If you want to watch a movie, stop studying and watch it in your television. It’s important to stress this because iPad should become a study tool, not an entertaining device.

How can I use it well?

First, I think you should check out iTunes University. There are tons of great courses that you can watch to help out for sciences (though they are actual “courses” rather than “prep courses” so not everything will be relevant). Second, you should definitely be subscribed to some test videos and download free apps for test of your choice. I managed to find ones for GRE, LSAT, MCAT, USMLE, etc… Also, if you use Nook app, you can also download some free books as well as they may have certain deals not on Kindle (Kindle doesn’t really offer much of bargain/discounts usually).

You can also use it to take notes when you review an exam to record the area of your weaknesses. The possibilities are endless – but you won’t know them until you give it a try.

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