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What everyone may be interested is in discounts. Prep courses are notorious for their expensive costs. Yes, these costs are much smaller than the tuition fees of the schools, but that’s after you get accepted.


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Let’s not jump too fast and believe that not everyone can get in, and because of that advantage, some people who may not get accepted normally do when they receive the help from prep courses.


Worried about high fees of MCAT? Kaplan is now offering $400 off for its upcoming courses. This is a great deal as Kaplan is excellent for tons of materials that it provides to students. Kaplan’s books, on the other hand, can be rather easily purchased on Ebay in used or nearly new conditions.

The PowerScore LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible Flashcards (Powerscore Test Preparation)

SAT Other than College Board, companies like Kaplan, Barron’s, and Princeton Review dominate this market. There was a prep company called Rocket Review that seemed to be popular for a while. If you are weak in mathematics, Gruber’s SAT is very thorough for that area.


In terms of discounts, USMLE is the one that everyone wishes there is a discount for. It is still great resource without discount though. Kaplan allows students to try out their services for free, so that’s another area to consider. Overall though, USMLE isn’t like other prep tests in that the aim isn’t in admission, but for passing and licensing (with smaller number of test takers) so it’s a bit of different game.

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