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I know that some readers to this website aren’t interested in taking any of the tests listed. Instead, they may want to know about other exams – PCAT, GRE, GMAT, etc…


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In this post, it’s about GRE. GRE is an exam that numerous students have to take. Whether you are going for a Master’s Degree or applying for Doctor of Physical Therapy, you still have to take GRE. Taking GRE and doing well can significantly help your admission to the school of your choice, so it is useful to spend sometime studying.

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I’m well-aware that not as many people are interested in taking a prep course for GRE. In fact, some people just “wing” the exam – only to find out why they received a rejection from the school that they interned and worked at while some foreign students who barely spoke any English in the interview got in (this truly happens).

That’s because there are people who spend months and even up to a year to study for GRE. Don’t take this exam lightly – you should at least aim to get 600+ on each section if you want to be considered as competitive/very competitive applicant.

Self-study for GRE requires a high level of discipline, so it’s not for weak-hearted people. You have to also have a good level of self-confidence (“I can do this!”) and view GRE in positive manner. To study on your own, you have to first analyze the test. What are sections in GRE? How is the exam? What skills would I have to know? The test-maker ETS provides a software called POWERPREP that you can utilize to understand the test better and get diagnostic test as well.

The Official Guide to the GRE revised General Test

Once you do this, then you can read through the prep books and analyze your weaknesses and set out study plan to aim for score that you want. Spend time doing it… It’ll pay off.

Kaplan New GRE Vocabulary Flashcards

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