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More and more people are stressed about paying off their school loans. It’s reality that not everyone can sit down to study after a long day of work and/or school. This is especially true for exams that need to be studied daily, even for a little amount of time.

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I have a good news for you: a lot of test prep companies are now reaching out to mobile apps. So, if you don’t have a smartphone, you should consider to get one to take the advantage of all the great apps there.

For instance, for those studying for PCAT, there is an app called PCAT McGraw Hill ($34.99). Kaplan also offers free mobile apps for Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3 QBANK as well (note: for these QBANK apps to work, you must have Kaplan account for those exams). Similarly, USMLE World has a mobile app that lets you access Step 1, Step 2 CK, Step 3 or IM QBANKs on iPhones, iPad, and iPod Touch.

For just $5.99, you can also check out Smart Vocab app for LSAT. Interestingly, PowerScore – a leading company in LSAT preparation – has a SAT Vocab Spinner with 400 most frequently tested vocabularly words for SAT.

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Veritas Prep and Arcadia Prep both have an app for GMAT, and at just $4.99, you can purchase an app for vocabularly that are highly likely to show up in GRE and GMAT through another app. There are also apps for NCLEX – one free app by Kaplan, and at small fees ($0.99), flashcards and QBanks through other apps with great reviews and ratings.

There are even free apps for PRAXIS (exam required to become a teacher), and individual subject reviews are available at small fee, such as $3.99 for one math review app.

For those interested in military services, there are paid apps ($9.99) for ASVAB with popular ratings as well.

These prep apps cannot replace the necessity of sit-down exam books. But, they will provide quick studying and let you learn somethings in times that you would otherwise waste doing nothing.

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