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Three Recommendation for Public Affairs Schools in New York

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1. Syracuse University
As a private institution, Syracuse is considered as one of the top best programs for public affairs in country. It has great programs in city management, environmental policy and management, health policy and management, information and technology management, nonprofit management, public finance and budgeting, public management and administration, public policy analysis, and social policy (all included in the US News World list for top program specialties). Even for undergraduate, Syracuse boasts its popular majors as business, management, marketing, and several other majors – this clearly shows the proudness in its business/policy programs. It’s a large school – but away from craziness in New York City that not many people may like.

Syracuse University

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2. New York University
NYU is also a private institution, but it’s in New York City, Greenwich Village to be exact. That means it’s expensive – very very expensive – but also enables you to get hands on some excellent business and marketing networking going. It is also noteworthy to remember that this school is great for visual and performing arts as well, so for people in 20′s, this program is not a bad idea. In terms of specialties, it is known for city management (higher ranked than Syracuse), health policy & management (higher ranked than Syracuse), nonprofit management, public finance and budgeting, public management and administration, and social policy. With two programs that I pointed out, Syracuse has stronger programs, but this is in New York City. It’s not for everyone though – I can say that for sure.

NYU Main Building

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3. Columbia University
Coming back to Manhattan again, this is a private institution that’s well-known to people around the world for its Ivy League reputation. It doesn’t necessarily stand out in any specialty, but the fact that it has excellent medical, law, business, and other professional/graduate schools shows that connection is still there. The school is also known for its various programs than just business and marketing, so you will have opportunities to meet bunch of different kinds of people.

Columbia University

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All three options are very different, and worth to note. Each comes with pros and cons, and only you know what’s best for you.

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