What Should You Eat on the Test Day?

One of things that everyone is wondering when it comes to test taking and the actual day that you’re taking the test is what to eat for the breakfast. It is important to note that whatever you choose to do, you have to at least practice eating it that way for a week so you won’t have any unexpected surprises on the test day.

Bananas and Strawberry

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Now here are some options that people have done. One person said to have a toasted peanut butter and honey sandwich with a glass of orange juice and on the way to the test center, she decided have a Diet Coke because it is about half an hour to 45 minutes (caffeine boost?!). Depending how much you want to eat, you may want to add fruits. But one thing to definitely watch out is to not overload in sugars because what happens with excess of amount of sugar is that it tends to make person hyperactive and then suddenly shut down so you could be taking a test and near the end, you’re going to feel like your brain is about to shut down so you better avoid that.

Now, for some people they like to go with salad and water and then have a granola bar as a snack and maybe sometimes coffee. Here, one thing with coffee is that coffee contains caffeine, which if you drink excessive amount or even moderate amount for some folks, it makes you want to go to bathroom, which maybe problems for you taking an exam that doesn’t have much of break between sections so that’s important to consider.

In terms of eating food that will make you to do well on the test, the overall consensus is to balance amount of protein and light amount of carbs. You really do not want to have a lot of to eat for breakfast for obvious reason. With fruits, you can go for apple or banana, or substitute with something like dairy product such as yogurt.

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