When Should You Register For Your Test?

This is a popular question that everyone asks. How do you register for MCAT? When should I register for GRE? Can I register online for GMAT?

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One mistake that people make is that they believe that they have to wait until they are prepared to register for the test. A huge mistake.

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Whether you are prepared or just learned about the test last night, a test registration is a must. And you have to plain it in advance. So, say you want to take a test in summer. You should consider registering starting about February to give yourself enough time and decide whether you want to do it in early summer, middle summer, late summer, and so on.

Registration is as much as important as prepping for tests because if you end up doing poorly on the first test and need to re-take (see one of my previous posts), then you will need to have enough time to study again (if necessary and you weren’t just sick or feeling bad) and re-take. Otherwise, you will have to wait a year.

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All test registrations have certain amount of fees that need to be paid. Nowadays, many exams have online registration that allows you to make ID and password, pay for the exam, and check your scores online.

A good reason to why you should register soon is a story I read in internet few years ago. A student was planning to take MCAT. This student got busy with school and work, and thought that she could schedule MCAT later after her finals (her MCAT was to take place in July). She realized that when she went to register, most spots near her were full. So she had to actually drive a day early because her test center wa that far.

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Don’t make this mistake.

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