Why iPad Can Be Your Next Art Station

Why iPad Can Be Your Next Art Station

When iPad was first released to the public market, it was considered as a “cool toy.” With tons of games and entertainment apps that reach out to consumers through Netflix and Hulu Plus, a “cool toy” is not incorrect to say.

However, for amateur users, this iPad can become more – like an art station. I’m using the word “amateur users” to broadly generalize people who want to be productive but are not getting paid to do work through iPad (then, you are a “professional.”).


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Adobe Photoshop Touch is a powerful app that Adobe released to iPad App Store. It’s not that cheap for an app, and while it falls short than the full desktop Adobe Photoshop or rest of Creative Suite, it’s still a must-to-have app for art station. Above photo is the one I did brief photoshop touch with Adobe Photoshop. Now, I must point out that the original photo did NOT come from the iPad – rather, I took with my iPhone since it is far more practical (and easier) to take photo with iPhone than iPad.

So, to take the original photo from iPhone to iPad, my best recommendation for this is to use cloud. Cloud storage is the #TheNextBigThing these days (had to use this after seeing Samsung ad during Super Bowl this year). I think a lot of people are already familiar with Dropbox, but there are others such as Skydrive (Microsoft), Box, Google Drive, and Sugar Sync. It doesn’t really matter which one you use since they are pretty well supported across all platforms I think.

Lastly, then I take the edited result and use the free app from WordPress to post it on the web. It is incredible that in all steps (taking photo, editing, and writing this post), I did not use my main PC at all. In fact, if you wanted more ability with your WordPress, then it is possible to purchase Blogsy, which is an excellent quality blogging app for iPad (it costs $5).

As a side note, I do not mean to say iPad can substitute the job of graphic designs. That’s besides the point. However, it is becoming more and more powerful, especially with a lot of photo editing apps like Snapseed (another good one that Google purchased not too long ago). It’s really what you decide to do with it, but maybe, it is time for you to get more out of iPad now!

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